Where did the Heroes go? Central City Newspaper

It is has been thirty-five years to the day since the Battle of Central City. That day the man known only as Captain Justice had his epic showdown with the forces of evil that threatened to destroy all of Central City. Although not even born at that time, I grew up with stories about the legend that had saved my parents, along with everyone else. After that heroic battle Captain Justice, the last of Central City’s guardians, vanished.

The battle was won, but the war was far from over. And for thirty-five years Central City has been without a guardian. The once beacon of hope, prosperity and freedom that was at the heart of Central City has become poisoned. The mob has laid claim to Beggar’s Row. Even the police dare not venture there anymore. The disappearances on the carnival grounds have become so common, they go practically unnoticed now. Street thugs and gangs walk around freely, threatening the innocents, unchallenged by anyone. Somehow I can’t help but feel it is all connected, an intricate web of corruption. The spider behind that web is content to lurk in the shadows…for now.

What would Captain Justice do, if he saw what had become of the very city he fought so valiantly to protect? Sometimes I ask him that. At least, I go to Central City Park and visit the monument the city built to remember it’s greatest hero. Of course the stone statue doesn’t answer me, but it doesn’t have to, the graffiti painted over the monument is answer enough.

Central City used to be known as the City of Heroes. So where did the heroes go?

Stacy Summers

Central City Times