War on the Streets Central City Newspaper

There is a faction in Central City that’s not afraid to cross the line of the law to deal out punishment to the criminal underworld. These individuals call themselves the Lost Crusaders, a band of vigilantes that dispense their own brand of justice. Reports of these vigilantes started happening about a year ago and since then their numbers have grown.

There have been known sightings of the Lost Crusaders in the rundown industrial area of Central City. They’ve been known to hang around the old junkyard. This area of town is also known to be a meeting point for seedy deals involving some rather despicable characters. What started as skirmishes between the Lost Crusaders and the various thugs that frequented the area has now escalated into a street war.

Some believe that these vigilantes are no better than the thugs they seek out to fight. The group has crossed paths with the law before and the CCPD has made several arrests.

It is unknown who leads these masked vigilantes, also unclear is their motives. Some believe this to be a personal vendetta. No matter what the Lost Crusader’s motives are, one thing is clear, they are outnumbered, out gunned, and out matched by enemies that seem to have an unlimited supply of hired goons at their disposal.

Central City deserves better than the Lost Crusaders, but for now they may be all we have…

Stacy Summers

Central City Times
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