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Last night there was a full moon and it’s on those nights, above all others that the crazies seem to find their way to the streets of Central City. That’s what Candice Miller, mother of two discovered on her way home from work after the late shift. Candice lives in the outskirts of Beggar’s Row. No one needs be told the sort of criminals that have overrun that area of Central City.

Just as the rain began last night, Candice was approached by a gang of rough-looking scum bags who had a desire for mayhem. A few snide comments later and Candice found herself surrounded by the group. With all the resolve she could muster, Candice shoved one of the bullies aside and made a break for it down a nearby alleyway.

What transpired next she describes as a blur. Whether it was her nerves, her imagination or something else completely even Candice can’t say. “They followed me down the alleyway. I slipped and fell.” Candice shows me the scar on her knee from the fall. Luckily this would be the only scar.

“The first man was coming for me, he was just about to grab me and then it happened.” Candice pauses. “A line of fire, out of nowhere, it appeared between us. It was like someone drew it in the ground. In the middle of the rain, I still don’t understand it.” Her first assailant coiled back as his outreached arm caught the bite from the flames. “Then she was there. At first I thought it was some kind of animal. It sprang out of nowhere and it moved so fast…and those claws…”

“Before I knew it, a couple of the thugs were down on the ground.” The remaining brutes had now turned their attention from Candice to the new threat. “It was a girl, no older than my daughter.” Candice continues. “They took out knives and one of them had a gun. For the good it did them.”

In the end, six grown men lay unconscious on the ground. Above them a lone wolf stood defiant. “She turned her head up to the moon and she…she howled. And then she was gone.” Candice’s eyes begin to water. “She saved my life.”

Who was this howling girl? Is this Wolf a friend or foe? The two things that I do know are Candice is safe at home with her children tonight and criminals beware the full moon, something tells me this isn’t the last time this wolf goes on the hunt.

Stacy Summers

Central City Times
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