Something Magical In The Air Central City Newspaper

It has been one week since the incident at the carnival. Since then, I have thought little beyond finding the Knight that rescued me. I have a mind full of unanswered questions.  But only one that I keep coming back to – How did he heal me? It was like something out of a fairy tale, unexplainable by the logics of medicine. Yet, with one touch of his hand, he mended a wound that would have taken weeks to heal. There are going to be some that think I’m going crazy or that I made it all up to attract more readers, but the truth is something is going on in Central City.

This week, there have been more reports of appearances by extraordinary beings around the city. Just yesterday, there was a horrible wreck on the overpass involving several cars and a 18-wheeler that had just overturned on the bridge when one such being appeared in the sky.

The collision sent a couple cars nearly over the edge of the overpass. As one vehicle rocked on the very edge of the bridge, the passengers in the car including a five year old boy in the backseat were trapped inside.

One onlooker, Barney Backus described the scene. “So Rocket Man flies down and he lands right on top of this car, that’s like dangling over the edge. He’s holding this giant staff and then like a laser shoots out of the thing and he starts cutting into the top of the car, like Gandalf meets James Bond right, like he’s giving it a sun roof or something. So Mister Top Hat pulls the couple in the front out of the car and they’re like screaming about their kid that’s still inside. So the guy goes back in for the kid right, just as they roll over the edge. So we’re all thinking OMG! Then suddenly whoosh! There’s Rocket Man and he’s got the kid in his arms like he’s Superman or something.”

The questions keep piling up. Who was this modern-day Wizard and where did he come from? Maybe there is some magic left in the world and maybe one day Central City will once again be known as the City of Heroes.

Stacy Summers

Central City Times