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This is the first article I won’t be turning into my editor. In fact, the only reason I’m writing it in the first place is because I do my best thinking when I’m writing. Right now I have a lot of thinking to do. When I started this journey, I had no idea how close it would hit to home.

When I finally awoke, I couldn’t guess how long I had been unconscious. My memories washed back like a tidal wave. Beggars Row, Falsetto’s warehouse, the truck deliveries, the cowboy warrior. The same man that had knocked me out and took me to…where was I? I sat up on a bed and took in my surroundings. It was a fancy room, if a bit old fashioned given the decor.

“You’re alright now.” A voice spoke out from beside me. A female figure dressed in a blue hood and cloak was standing in the room. Her golden hair was resting on her shoulder. “You’re much safer here than Beggars Row, trust me.” Something in her voice struck a familiar cord.

I rubbed my head. “Was this really necessary? You’re outlaw friend could have just asked me to come with him.”

“The less you know, the better for all of us.”

“I know you. You’re that archer aren’t you? You stopped that robbery at the bank a couple weeks ago.”

“You do your homework.”

“I think you already know who I am. What’s your name?”

“We don’t give ourselves names. Apparently you’re getting good at that – Knight…Wizard. But this isn’t a game.”

“I realize that. But I have an obligation to report the truth, the citizens have a right to know. So, if you don’t want me to write about this, why am I here?”

“I asked my outlaw friend to bring you here so I could talk you out of what you’re doing.”

Before I could respond, the light in the room shinned down on the heart pendant the girl wore around her neck. It might have been due to the odd circumstances, but I normally would not have missed something like that.

“That’s a pretty necklace.”

I could tell by the stunned silence, the girl had not expected that. She answered by tucking the heart pendant into her tunic, removing it from sight but not from mind.

“I have one just like it.” I continued. “My mother gave it to me, years ago. She told me as long as I had it she would be with me. She said the same thing to my sister Samantha when she gave her one.” I stood up. There was a reason that voice was so familiar. “Sam?”

“This was a bad idea.” She turned away from me.

“Sam, you’re the blue archer? I guess those archery lessons have paid off.”

“No one can know Stacy.”

“How did all of this happen?” Then it hit me. “Wait! The explosion at Price Laboratories!  When you were on your class trip, something happened to you and the others didn’t it? It makes sense now, these super beings only started to show up after the accident at Price Laboratories.”

The hooded girl turned back to face me. “You think I’m crazy?”

“I always thought my little sister was a little crazy. But I’m proud of you, Sam. How many people have you saved?  This city’s been without someone like you for a long time. You remember all those stories mom and dad would tell us about Captain Justice when we were kids?”

“But this isn’t just a story Stacy. Reporting on all this, what you’re doing is dangerous.”

“I guess that runs in the family.”

A knock at the open door behind us gets our attention. Standing at the door in full body armor is the Knight.

“I hate to break up the tender sister moment, but he wants to meet her.”

I turned to my sister, the blue cloaked Angel. “Who wants to meet me?”

 “Captain Justice.”

Stacy Summers

Central City Times