Top Story - Questions Answered Central City Newspaper

I’ve always been great at putting things into words, hence one of the reasons I became a journalist. But how does one describe that feeling when your life has lead to a moment you never thought possible. It could first be described as a rush of adrenaline. That is what I felt anyways as I walked with my sister, the Angel archer and her armored Knight companion down the long carpeted hallway that seemed to stretch on forever. On my way to meet the very man I had idolized since I was a child.

I still didn’t know where I was, the walls had oil portrait paintings on them, likely the depictions of those that lived here long ago. Every so often we would pass a hand carved wooden stand with a fancy glass object perched on top of it.

“So, Captain Justice lives here?”

“Yeah, you wouldn’t think it, huh?” the Knight responded. “Although, you could throw some killer parties in this place. Hey, why haven’t we thrown any parties here? Even Bruce Wayne threw the occasional shindig.” the Knight turned to Angel, who offered him a shrug.

Angel turned back to me. “It helps to not pay this one any attention.”

We stopped in front of a door that bared a resemblance to an elevator door, although there was no button to gain entrance. Angel reached over to a statue of a thinking man, sitting on a table next to the door. She pushed down on the head of the statue and the door whooshed open.

For several minutes we rode the elevator down.

“How big is this place?” I asked.

“It goes deep underground.” Angel explained.

Finally the elevator came to a halt. The doors slid open.

I found myself staring into a room of costumes on display, each of them behind a large glass case. One of the costumes I instantly recognized. “That’s Blitz’s outfit.” Blitz was Captain Justice’s faithful sidekick. My parents would describe him as a gaunt kid, but possessed great courage and resilience. He was the only sidekick Captain Justice ever had. I approached the glass. The kid in me couldn’t resist. I took my phone out and snapped  a quick selfie with Blitz’s uniform.

“I don’t think she’d fit anymore.” A burly voice sounded from behind. I turned and found myself staring at a giant of a man. The man had a thick grey beard that covered the lower half of his face. His arms were massive, thick as oak. I blinked twice. It couldn’t be.

“Are you?” I pointed back at the costume on display.

He let out a thunderous laugh. “Hard to believe isn’t it?”

“Wow…Blitz. You got big!”

“And old!” the burly man chuckled.

My sister nudged me. “Don’t let him fool you. He’s still got it. He’s been training with us. Teaching us how to fight. They both have.”

I knew who my sister was referring to, but before I could ask the question, Blitz answered “through that door.” Blitz nodded towards an open doorway on the opposite side of the room.

“I’ll wait here for you.” Angel assured me. “Good luck.”

The room I stepped into was dimly lit. There was a high back chair facing a fireplace. The flames danced in the darkness. I could hear crackles coming from the burning wood.

“I’ve been looking forward to meeting you Ms. Summers.” With a mechanical churn the chair turned around.

An elderly man sat in the chair staring back at me. His skin had wrinkled with the passage of time. A cane sat across his lap. “Not quite what you expected?”

That feeling, that adrenaline rush had now passed and a stunned silence befell me. This was the real Captain Justice! The same man who had disabled the army of bots that tried to enslave the citizens of Central City, the same man who had stopped the arctic freeze ray from turning the city into an icy graveyard, the same man that stood toe to toe against Lord Tyranny during the Battle of Central City!

“I’m a huge fan.”

“I’ve also been reviewing your work Ms. Summers.”

It took a moment for me to regain my composure. “I know the drill, you don’t want me to write about all of this, because it will put me in harm’s way.”

“You’re right it will put you in harm’s way, but you’re wrong, I do want you to write about all of this.” I was slightly taken off guard.

Captain Justice continued. “The people of Central City need to be inspired. They need to know that things can get better. They need to hope again. This city has been without hope for a long time. You can be that voice of hope.”

“It…it would be my honor to do that sir.” I felt the warm moisture from a tear slide down my cheek.

Captain Justice reached out with a frail hand and wiped the tear away. “Alright, where would you like to begin?” He handed me a pad of paper and a pencil.

The answer to that question came so quickly, it was the only question that had burned deep within me for so long. “Where did the heroes go?”