Central City Box Art
Central City: Heroes Published by Central City Logo Clover Games LLC is a co-operative tabletop board game for 1-4 players. Each player takes on the role of a unique Super Hero with their own special abilities. Fight your way through 5 heroic missions and defeat the nemesis that is threatening Central City.

Players: 1-4 Players

Time: 90 minutes
Central City Story

Central City was once famous for it's legendary guardians. The last of those guardians was Captain Justice. Over thirty years ago Captain Justice fought against the forces of evil in the Battle of Central City. Although the villains were defeated that day, Captain Justice disappeared and has not been seen from since. For over thirty years greedy corporations such as Price Industries and mobster families like the Falsetto gang have moved in and taken control of Central City. What was once one of the world's beacons of hope and freedom has turned into a broken and corrupt place.

The game picks up right after Central City sends a group of it's students to Price Laboratories on a field trip. Price Laboratories has been rumored to conduct odd experimentation's. During the trip an accident occurs, which results in each of the students acquiring their own unique super ability. Armed with these new super powers the students set out to take back their city from the corrupt. To do so they will need to create hero personas. In the Central City: Heroes board game the players are going to control one of these characters.

Are you ready to become a guardian of Central City?

  • 6 Super Hero Playerboards with Miniatures
  • 24 Super Hero Upgrade Cards
  • 4 Jumbo Nemesis cards
  • 12 Unique Powers
  • 48 Power Upgrade Cards
  • 16 Central City Game Tiles
  • 1 Tyranny Tracker
  • 20 Jumbo Mission cards
  • 104 Justice Cards
  • 70 Hazard Cards
  • More to come.....

72 different Super Hero combinations.