Roy Clayton has never backed down from a fight in his life.

After being kicked out of his last school, Roy was transferred to Central City High. He was instantly recognized as a rebel and an outcast to most of the other students. He was caught trying to skip out of class, but as luck or fate would have it one of the other students was sick that day and Roy managed to bluff his way onto the school bus heading for Price Laboratories on a field trip.

Outlaw doesn’t like guns and much prefers his boomerangs because of the skill they require. For backup he carries a hidden dagger. His chest plate, which grants him the guard ability, has been dented and banged up many times over.

Outlaw is a force to be reckoned with, as his ability allows him to do additional damage to enemy characters when he is attacking in a challenge.

Outlaw Playerboard

Outlaw Gear Cards


Central City Hero Outlaw Boomerang


Central City Hero Outlaw Hat

Chest Plate

Central City Hero Outlaw Hat

Hidden Dagger

Central City Hero Outlaw Hat

Outlaw 3D Model - Prototype

Central City Hero Knight Playerboard